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Carla Bertoli: New Pop Art and Abstract


L’Arte è tutto … e tutto può essere usato per “fare Arte”, complici la creatività, l’ispirazione e la tecnica dell’artista…………..

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Orlane CEVA : Paris Photography

Orlane Ceva is a Paris based iPhone photographer.

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Chinook Villa

Chinook Villa Ígneo O_O

Empecé a dibujar de pequeña sin guía ni apoyo. en la adolescencia realicé algunos carteles para concientos punk del cual se han hecho exposiciones recientemente sin consultármelo ni figurar como creadora. Pasé brevemente por la Llotja la academia de artes y oficios de Barcelona, El Centre Artistic de Sant Lluc, y algunos seminarios sobre retarato y dibujo al natural. Ahora soy autodidacta total. He expuesto en algunos sitios populares.
I started drawing as a child without guidance or support. in adolescence, I made some posters for punk consciousnesses which have been exhibited recently without consulting me or appear as a creator. I briefly went through the Llotja the arts and crafts academy of Barcelona, the Art Center of Sant Lluc, and some seminars on natural painting and drawing. Now I am totally self-taught. I have posted on some popular sites.

More images here………..

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Serse Luigetti – mail art- future – Perugia, Italia

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Loretta Alexandra

Loretta Alexandra’s Photography Gallery

In retirement, Loretta continues to pursue her lifelong passion for art and design. In recent years, she has ventured into photography, as it fit perfectly with another joy, traveling, which she loves to do with her daughter, Gitiim.

You may visit Loretta’s Gallery here.

You can find more of Loretta’s work on her webpage:

Gitiim Chakamoi

Gitiim Chakamoi, native New Yorker, musician, and traveler, still calls the “Big Apple” home, the New York Yankees, her team, and Gray’s Papaya on Manhattan’s upper west-side, the place to grab the best hot dog ever. On July 14th, 2014, with only that one day to spare, she rode into New York’s mid-town Port Authority terminal, on a Greyhound bus.

Follow along with Gitiim on that beautiful day. 

Tuscany Italian Homestay

Tuscany Italian Homestay

Tuscany Italian Homestay

If you want to be immersed into the Italian culture, a beautiful home near the hillside town of Arezzo in the Chianti region is the right place for you. While visiting the heart of Tuscany, you can learn how to cook a true Tuscan meal in a family kitchen and participate everyday in Italian language lessons and family life.
You are very welcome to stay in Arezzo, and your Italian and cultural lessons will be combined with guided excursions, cookery lessons, wine tours and “special packages”. Find out about Francesca’s work here.

Visit Francesca’s webpage at Tuscany Italian Homestay

Michael Limnios: Greek Ambassador to the Blues Hall of Fame ® The Love of Deep Blues in Greece

Michael Limnios in Sahara

Michael Limnios in Sahara

Michael Limnios has worked and written about the blues for magazines such as “Living Blues”, “Blues at the Foundation” (The Blues Foundation), “Music City” (Nashville Blues Society), Kudzoo Magazine in USA,O Globoin Brazil,Blues & Coin France,Twoj Blues in Poland,Cultura Bluesin Mexico and “Music Life”, “Rock File (Pop & Rock)”, “Voice”, “Monthly Discography” in Greece. Michael has also written for The Museum of American Poetics webpage. Find out about Michael’s work here.

Visit Michael’s webpage